The Cleanest Energy Is the Energy You Save

EnerChoice is a company based in Austin, Texas whose mission is to assist utilities and their customers increase their energy efficiency.

In the never-ending quest for newer, more-sustainable sources of energy, the potential to meet a substantial part of our future energy needs by increasing the efficiency of our homes, schools and businesses can be overlooked. Look around. Most of the buildings that will be in existence in the year 2050 are already here. Lots of innovative and exciting technologies are also already here, but they’re not in those homes and buildings. Yet.

Successful programs start in small places, like attics, utility rooms or kitchens, and extend to apartment buildings, offices, factories, campuses, neighborhoods, cities and states. Matching HVAC systems to houses or control systems to buildings is part of the process, but our real focus is matching people with people. Property manager, contractor, builder, architect, investor. The potential connections and energy savings are both immediate and nearly endless.